Our Human Resources policy

TOM’s Human Resources policy is based on major principles to promote employee development: diversity, mobility, merit and responsibility. They apply from recruitment and throughout the career of each employee within the Group. TOM is committed to sharing its strategy with everyone. Safety and respect for others are at the heart of our concerns in supporting our employees throughout their careers.

TOM a responsible company

TOM is committed to applying the fundamental principles and rights at work:
the elimination of discrimination of any form in matters of employment and occupation.
freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining,
the elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labor,
the effective abolition of child labour.

Human Resources teams at the forefront of innovation

We develop participatory innovation or proof through ideas.
We call on the ideas of all employees so that everyone gets involved and becomes an actor in the company's change projects.

A base of common values

TOM places listening and discussion at the heart of its human resources policy.
Develop individual recognition in transparency.

Dynamic talent management

Opportunities are offered as a priority to each TOM employee to enable them to develop their talents.
Our talent management and career development system is based on the principles of meritocracy.
Meritocracy is a management system that allows each employee of the company to develop according to their merit.
Merit is demonstrated by motivation, performance and potential.

TOM's capital: its Human Resources

Particularly dynamic in its market, TOM has continued to grow and each year offers multiple opportunities within its functional services. TOM’s desire is to attract new talent and retain those who are already its driving forces.

Responsible company, the development of employment is a constant concern at TOM.

In this area, TOM does not only take into account its role with internal Human Resources, but also its social role by contributing, when possible with its economic imperatives, to the fight against exclusion through integration if it leads to real professionalism.
In the same spirit, the will to maintain employment can only be exercised in compatibility with the imperative of profitability.

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