The construction of a telecommunication site (tower and energy supply) is not only a civil case which is based on technical requirements. It is also subject to the both local and international standards. These standards should then ensure at a time environmental and social compliance of the infrastructures to be installed on the site concerned.


Environment respect

Construction with environmental standard

For constructions, TowerCo of Madagascar (TOM) submits its tasks to national environmental legislation including the Charter of Environment, MECIE edict and safeguard programm of the World Bank. (Find in PDF MEDIA and the charter and the decree).

In this context, TOM leads an environmental assessment for each of its site construction projects. Depending on the sensitivity of the future environment of implantation, TOM is committed to the implementation of its commitments in its list of environmental loads assigned to the project itself.

Furthermore, TOM contributes to the achievement of regional reforestation objectives defined by the Regional Directorates of the environment, ecology, sea and forests (DREEMF). His actions in this case fall within the scope of its participation to protect the environmental heritage in Madagascar.


Using Renewable Energy

Parallely to the electric power, TowerCo of Madagascar submits to telecommunications operators the «renewable energy», especially the solar energy. This suggestion serves to power the supplies installed in the telecommunication sites. This initiative is also part of TOM commitment to the environment preservation and the trend to minimize the operational costs of telecom sites. Currently, 70% of telecommunications sites built by TOM are powered by a photovoltaic generator. The installations are set up in collaboration with TOM partners


Socio- cultural commitments

TOM respectful of local traditions.

TowerCo of Madagascar (TOM) works in favor of strict compliance with the habits and customs of the places where new sites will be located. It is respected throughout the stages of construction and operation. It is not uncommon that, together with the people of a village, TOM observes the “joro” and zebu sacrifice ritual to satisfy local cultural requirements.

In the same time, TOM also does its best for contributing to the social and economic development of the place where are located its sites. However, in some settlement areas, TOM has supported the construction of properties benefiting the whole of the local community. In example, we can quote football field, alleys and fountains among others.




Technical commitments

High technical standards

In the case of property sharing, pylons and the generators are TowerCo of Madagascar property while the antennas are the ones of telecom operators. However, the obligation to respect the standards does not make a difference


Waves under surveillance

As the construction of towers and all devices transmitting or receiving frequencies in Madagascar, antennas are subject to the regulations of the Malagasy Office for Studies and telecommunications regulator (OMERT).

OMERT has now become the Regulatory Authority of communication technologies (ARTEC) . This regulation has been in place for protecting public health. The waves emitted by the antennas are strictly limited and comply with international recommendations and regulations to avoid any risk, however small it may be, on the health of the population.

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