TOM (TowerCo of Madagascar), with its partners and its associates, work together for a “connected Madagascar”. In this period where New Technology of Information and Communication is in a high stage, the Big Island is not lagging behind and follows the international rate on technological trend.Most of Madagascar regions are covered by the networks of telecommunication operators. This coverage has considerably grown-up these lasts years. It is a multiple side progress because both in terms of services quality and access in last communication devices (cellular, notebook…), Malagasy people are not far from the world standards. Thanks to infrastructures (towers and power solutions) implemented by TOM and operated by telecommunications operators.

They entrust to TOM, number one in Madagascar, all telecommunication site constructions, energy solutions, and infrastructures maintenance. With tenant status, operators can finally and especially work on growing-up their network coverage and the quality of their own services.

Connected Madagascar

A technological advancement

The coverage areas of telecommunications operators have steadily increased in recent years, fewer and fewer areas are landlocked on the Big Island. Better national coverage gives the population access to new services such as mobile banking and digital for all.

The creation of new sites allows Madagascar to catch up on the transition from 2G to 3G and to launch 4G officially.

The Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital Development (MPTDN) projects the introduction of 5G at the same time as the most technologically advanced countries. Telecommunications specialists estimate that the launch of 5G is expected for 2020.


A trusted partner

A revolution. We have established a new dynamic in the field of Tower companies in Madagascar. Our professionalism and performance have enabled us to quickly gain the trust of radio-telecommunications operators on the Big Island. TOM, created in 2011, has established itself as the essential leader in the hosting sector for radio-telecommunications operators in Madagascar.


Infrastructure adapted to the environment

Madagascar is a country where the landscape is different from one area to another. For example, we meet humid and green area in the eastern part of the island while a barren landscape is observed in the South. 63% of sites managed and maintained by TOM are in isolated places, in the wilderness. For not changing drastically the environment where is implanted a new site , TOM deploys all its resources on board to merge its infrastructures in the panorama, ensuring their discretion on the one hand , and limit the impact on the world around them on the other. It’s made on keeping compliance with technical standards.

TOM : The best partner to manage all the aspects of the management of your site