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  • Advocating for a West African Single Market for Telecommunications Services

    Date : 13 Jul 2018 à 11:39 am

    The Director General of Senegal’s Telecommunications and Postal Regulatory Agency (ARTP), Abdou Karim Sall, pleaded Thursday in Dakar for the advent of” a single, harmonized and secure market for telecommunications services in Senegal. the ECOWAS region “, calling on the West African Telecommunication Regulators Assembly (ARTAO) to invest in such a project.

    “This meeting is certainly an ideal framework to create the conditions necessary for the establishment of a single, harmonized and secure telecommunications market in the ECOWAS region. This forum is an opportunity to urge you to strengthen the cooperation links through the West African Telecommunication Regulators Assembly (ARTAO) for the transnationality of networks in the sub-region, “said Abdou Karim. Sall at the opening of the 15th General Assembly of the Conference of Member States of ARTAO.

    During this meeting, planned over two days and involving fifteen ECOWAS countries in addition to Mauritania, it will assess “the implementation of the strategic plan 2014-2019, review reports activities and financial reports, to adopt the program and the budget for the current year as well as the resolutions that go in the direction of impelling the development of the organization, “said Abdou Karim Sall, Director General ARTP.

    Convinced that “the regulation of the telecommunications sector is an essential lever to promote the development of the digital economy in the ECOWAS countries”, Mr. Sall hopes that the Member States will agree on a “strategy of sustained cooperation in order to strengthen the harmonization of procedures and regulations “.

    He also requested the support of all member states of the organization in Senegal, which will be “candidate for a seat on the Council of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) at the 2018 Plenipotentiary Conference”.

    The Telecommunication Regulators Assembly of West Africa has developed a 2014-2019 Strategic Plan to promote better development of telecommunication infrastructure and services in this part of Africa.

    The coordination of the digital transition in the sub-region, the coordination of the public-private partnership for a high-speed development of the sector, the adoption of guidelines on number portability, the coordination of cybercrime policies between the different actors are among others, the projects included in this strategic plan.

    For Abdoulaye Bibi Baldé, Minister of Communication, Telecommunications, Posts and the Digital Economy, the themes of the General Assembly are “topical because, more than any other part of the world, Africa must create a favorable environment to accelerate the development of telecommunications infrastructure, an important link in the process of building an inclusive and sustainable information society “.

    Mr. Baldé further argued that “telecommunications plays a central role in economic and social development and is a catalyst for growth, creator of values, jobs and growth factor of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP)” .

    To make the most profits from this sector, he said that Senegal “has a high-speed and very high-speed national plan for better digital development of the territory”.

    He added: “In the same vein, additional deployment projects of 2500 km of fiber optics, implementation of digital technology park Diamniadio, establishment of Internet exchange point and implementation of several data centers by the public and private sectors have been launched.

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