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The telecommunications sector is a sector that remains very dynamic and presents significant challenges for both stakeholder companies and the countries that host them. Here you will find the latest information on TOM and telecommunications.


  • Chad wants to license new telephone operator

    Date : 13 Jul 2018 à 11:41 am

    The Interministerial Commission for the Granting of a Second, Third and Fourth Generation License to a Cellular Mobile Operator has issued a notice of invitation to tender in which it informs that the Government of the Republic of Chad, in the framework for the implementation of the Digital Chad Plan 2017-2021 is recruiting a fourth […]

  • Advocating for a West African Single Market for Telecommunications Services

    Date : à 11:39 am

    The Director General of Senegal’s Telecommunications and Postal Regulatory Agency (ARTP), Abdou Karim Sall, pleaded Thursday in Dakar for the advent of” a single, harmonized and secure market for telecommunications services in Senegal. the ECOWAS region “, calling on the West African Telecommunication Regulators Assembly (ARTAO) to invest in such a project. “This meeting is […]

  • Innovation: Orange Money Côte d’Ivoire presents its VISA card in partnership with Banque Atlantique

    Date : à 11:35 am

    Mr. Marius YAO, Managing Director of Orange Money Côte d’Ivoire, unveils this July 10, 2018, in the presence of Mr. Mamadou KONE, Director of the Finance Department and Supporters representing Banque Atlantique Côte d ‘Ivoire Ivoire and Ismahill DIABY, Managing Director VISA West and Central Africa, the Orange Money withdrawal and payment card, a new […]

  • Finland launches the first commercial 5G offer in Europe. And now?

    Date : 09 Jul 2018 à 11:28 am

    The telecom operator Elisa opened the world’s ball with a 5G video call between the Finnish Minister of Communications and her Estonian counterpart, and in the process launched two subscriptions for residential and business customers, even if compatible devices are available. they wait, as well as a legal framework. After the full-scale outdoor tests conducted […]

  • Kenya: Google seeks partners to provide remote access to the Internet via its balloons

    Date : à 11:23 am

    (Ecofin Agency) – Google is currently seeking partners to provide high-speed Internet access in remote areas of Kenya through its Loon project which has been approved by the Ministry of Information Technology and Information Technology. Communication, the American society wants to connect millions of people who live in rural and landlocked areas. On June 26, […]

  • Facebook abandons its project of Internet drones

    Date : à 10:59 am

    Facebook has just announced the end of its drone development program to bring the Internet to the most remote areas and the least connected. The project initiated four years ago, christened Aquila, will not see the light of day. Since 2014, Facebook was working on a drone project. The Aquila project aimed to develop drones […]

  • Kenya: Adrian Group to equip its 800 telecom stations with green generators to save $ 84 million over 10 years

    Date : à 10:55 am

    Telecom integrator Adrian Kenya Limited, a subsidiary of Adrian Group, will replace the diesel generators of its 800 telecom stations with green generators. The project, which will begin in the fourth quarter of 2018, has been awarded to the Israeli company GenCell Energy. Through these new generators, Adrian Kenya Limited estimates that it can save […]

  • ALTICE EUROPE opens the capital of its towers to KKR and other investors

    Date : à 10:51 am

     Altice Europe, through its subsidiaries Altice France and Portugal Telecom, has reached agreements with KKR, Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners and Horizon Equity Partners to sell part of their stake in their telecom towers. In France, Altice will sell 49.99% of the capital of a company created for the occasion, SFR TowerCo, which will be responsible […]

  • East African countries unite to launch common telecommunications satellite

    Date : 03 Jul 2018 à 9:55 am

    (Ecofin Agency) – The Heads of State of East Africa took part on June 26, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya, at the 14th Northern Corridor Summit. During this meeting, Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda and Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya, agreed to launch a joint satellite in the subregion. Through this […]

  • The telecom regulator anticipates the end of TNT: the 5G in ambush

    Date : à 9:53 am

    “The telecom regulator, while recognizing that TNT remains an important mode of access to television, is watching its decline.If it does not want to presume its future, it invites to anticipate the next events. Digital terrestrial television (DTT) is doomed to disappear? It is probably still a little too early to say it: however, it […]

  • Spending in the Internet of Things will reach $ 1.2 trillion in 2022

    Date : à 9:51 am

    According to IDC, global spending on the Internet of Things is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 13.6 percent to reach $ 1.2 trillion by 2022. Manufacturing and transportation are the two largest spending sectors with each about 150 billion dollars. The Internet of Things looks like an Eldorado. According to IDC, […]

  • Airtel Madagascar offers packed baskets to the elderly fokontany Ankazomanga Andraharo

    Date : à 9:49 am

    “(AIRTEL MADAGASCAR) – Always present in the community it serves, Airtel Madagascar maintains a strong and sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy by providing ongoing support to the elderly in this neighborhood. The large Airtel family visited the third age group at the Ankara-Andraharo fokontany last Thursday 21st to offer them all the joy and […]


    Date : à 9:46 am

    “The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications and Digital Development, Jean de Dieu Maharante, received yesterday in audience the Director General of Orange Madagascar, Michel Degland.This meeting is part of the continuation of the partnership between the two parts. In the words of the CEO of Orange, “Number of works are coming”. The latter speaks, among […]

  • Orange Madagascar: 4G arrives in Fianarantsoa

    Date : à 9:43 am

    “The arrival of Orange Madagascar’s 4G in Fianarantsoa is an opportunity for economic operators and other actors, among others, students.” As a partner in digital transformation in Madagascar, Orange brings its know-how telecommunications development, a development that brings essential benefits to the country’s economic and social ecosystem, “said the Orange chief executive at the network […]

  • Ericsson sees 3.5 billion objects connected to the mobile network in 2023

    Date : à 9:41 am

    STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Ericsson almost doubled Tuesday its forecast for the number of objects connected to mobile networks in 2023, to 3.5 billion units. In November, the Swedish network equipment supplier was still counting on a market of 1.8 billion devices for the segment of the Internet of Things (IoT) connected to the mobile network. […]

  • Global shortage of optical fiber slows down the deployment of very high speed in France

    Date : à 9:38 am

    “Five departments are worried about the global shortage of optical fiber that penalizes the deployment of very high-speed networks, as the explosion of global demand, poorly anticipated, and low elasticity of production capacity. The government plan (launched in 2013) to cover the entire Hexagon very high speed networks by 2022, has the lead in the […]

  • Purchase of SFR by Bouygues Telecom: this is clear from new revelations of Chained Duck

    Date : à 9:03 am

    Rumors pour in in 2018 about a possible takeover of SFR by Bouygues Telecom If last week, Le Figaro revealed that the operator of Martin Bouygues tried to seize the subsidiary of Altice in the spring, today it is the turn of the Chained Duck to relaunch the speculations.   To believe the palmipède, Bouygues […]

  • Essayez avec cette orthographe : Airtel Madagascar soutient l’équipe malgache en lice pour le concours international de robotique Airtel Madagascar supports the Malagasy team in the running for the international robotics competition

    Date : à 9:01 am

    “(AIRTEL MADAGASCAR) – The robotics competition will take place in Mexico City from August 15 to 18, 2018. For its 2nd edition, First Global Challenge (FGC) is expecting the participation of 175 countries. The 3rd largest mobile operator in the world joined with the five young Malagasy prodigies to take up the challenge. It is […]

  • Airtel Madagascar: committed to the fight against sickle cell disease

    Date : à 8:59 am

    “(AIRTEL MADAGASCAR) – The 2nd International Symposium on Sickle Cell Disease and the 7th Symposium of the Network for the Study of Sickle Cell Disease in Central Africa (REDAC) were organized this Wednesday, June 13, 2018 and for three days at Carlton Anosy. being to take stock of the situation of the fight against sickle […]

  • Clubfoot: new cases appear per year

    Date : à 8:57 am

    “” 700 children are born with a clubfoot in Madagascar each year, “said a Chuam doctor, Dr. Irene Randriamampianina, no less a member of the Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Madagascar (AMPR Mada), in the part of the JMPB celebration More than one hundred “Congenital equine Varus” or “Pied Bot” appear annually in […]

  • Ethiopia opens the capital of several state-owned companies

    Date : à 8:53 am

    “These are mainly transport and telecommunication companies. First public companies concerned, the airline Ethiopian Airlines and Ethio Telecom, the public telecommunications company. The majority of shares will be “owned by the government and the rest will be placed on the market for domestic or foreign investors,” says a government statement. The EPRDF coalition that has […]

  • The state of the internet in 2018

    Date : à 8:48 am

    “Highly anticipated, the annual report Kleiner Perkins gives the trends of the Internet of 2018. Excerpt … What are the trends of the Internet in 2018? Highly anticipated in Silicon Valley and around the world, the Kleiner Perkins report acts as a (big) inventory of the Internet. We have extracted the main trends:     The speed […]

  • And the light was at the port of Ankify

    Date : à 8:44 am

    “A rural electrification project will soon be carried out in the North West Region, but many villages already benefit from solar energy. The sun shines for everyone … but some enjoy it more than others. We know that the lack of access to electricity remains one of the most important barriers to the development of […]

  • TELMA: partner of destination Madagascar

    Date : à 8:42 am

    “Telma has established a strong partner with the National Tourism Board of Madagascar (ONTM) through its participation in the International Tourism Fair of Madagascar (ITM) last week, and this operator confirms its commitment to the Funny ladies association for the promotion of tourism, during the Whale Festival, scheduled to be held from July 7th to […]

  • Kenya: Telecom Regulatory Authority Increases Control over Counterfeit Phones

    Date : à 8:39 am

    “As part of its fight against counterfeit mobile phones and devices, the Kenya Communications Authority (CAK) has adopted new control measures. The import and distribution of mobile phones is now only allowed to licensed companies. However, aware that companies in good standing can contribute to the proliferation of counterfeit mobile devices, the telecom regulator has […]

  • Forget the 5G, Qualcomm and Facebook want to provide Gigabit Wi-Fi in urban areas – BGR

    Date : 02 Jul 2018 à 5:26 pm

    “The next big thing happening in wireless is 5G, but that does not mean that Wi-Fi is not improving. Qualcomm, which is at the forefront of 5G development, has just announced that it is working with Facebook on a project to bring high-speed Wi-Fi technology to urban areas. Before you apologize, know that Qualcomm and […]

  • Telecommunication Day – Artificial Intelligence used wisely

    Date : à 5:23 pm

    “In order to accelerate the achievement of sustainable goals, it is in this perspective that the focus has been on the potential of artificial intelligence, during the celebration of World Telecommunication Day and the Information Society. or WTISD, which was carried out on May 17. For this edition, the event focused on the theme of […]

  • Internet Society and the African Union prepare a repository on the protection of personal data in Africa

    Date : à 5:18 pm

    “(Ecofin Agency) – On the sidelines of the current exchange in Dakar, Senegal, as part of the African Internet Summit, the Internet Society (ISOC) has announced the preparation of a repository on the protection of Personal data in Africa, in collaboration with the African Union Commission The revelation was made during a press conference on […]

  • Ghana has reached an agreement with Paypal to join its international network

    Date : à 5:13 pm

    “(Ecofin Agency) – The Government of the Republic of Ghana announces that it has reached an agreement with Paypal, the online payment and money transfer company, to become a member of its international network. that Ghana should fully benefit from the services offered by the American company. According to the Paypal roadmap, Ghanaian traders should […]

  • ZTE, hit by US sanctions, announces the suspension of its main activities

    Date : à 5:11 pm

    “(Ecofin Agency) – ZTE announced last week the interruption of most of its activities.The decision is a consequence of the American sanction against Chinese society for violation of the embargo against the Iran and North Korea In April, Washington authorities banned US firms from supplying components to ZTE for seven years. On the market, ZTE […]

  • Smartphones with 5G this year according to Qualcomm

    Date : à 5:07 pm

    “The world of mobile telephony is changing with the arrival of 5G.The standard announces breathtaking speeds and is scheduled for 2020. However according to Qualcomm, smartphones will be ready from 2019 or even for this year. The world of mobile data has seen its advanced universe at an alarming speed in recent years. And we […]

  • Ooredoo launches 5G in Qatar to be the first country to benefit from this technology

    Date : à 5:03 pm

    “Oreedoo, the Qatari telephone partner, launches the 5G for commercial use in Qatar on Monday, to be the first country in the world to use 5G  Ooredoo released a statement on Monday highlighting its pride in launching this new wireless technology. This new technology will allow a very high internet speed in the region, this […]

  • SatADSL, Global Telesat and RascomStar Join Forces to Deliver Better Connectivity in Africa

    Date : à 4:56 pm

    “(Ecofin Agency) – Satellite Internet Service Provider SatADSL, Global Telesat, the provider of satellite communications hardware and services, and RascomStar, which operates the first pan-African satellite, announced the signing on 9 May 2018 of a partnership agreement whose objective is to improve connectivity in Africa. Global Telesat will make its network facilities and equipment available […]

  • Africa – Internet: ICANN Policy Development

    Date : à 4:49 pm

    “The Society for the Assignment of Domain Names and Numbers on the Internet (ICANN) held a workshop in Dakar to discuss the challenges it faces, as well as an opportunity to invite African authorities to involve more in his work. This workshop was an opportunity for ICANN staff and participants to discuss the challenges and […]

  • SFR and Nokia make the first 5G New Radio connection in France on the 3.5 GHz band

    Date : à 4:34 pm

    “An important milestone in the preparation for the deployment of 5G has been reached Nokia and SFR announce that they have made a 5G connection using the 3GPP-compatible 5G New Radio (NR) system via radio transmission over the 3.5 frequency band. The test took place on May 3, 2018, at the premises of Nokia’s 5G […]

  • PAMF-Orange Madagascar: “M-Kajy”, instant loan via mobile

    Date : à 4:28 pm

    “The First Micro Finance Agency (PAMF) and Orange Madagascar announce the launch of” M-Kajy “, an innovative money-saving and lending service accessible from the” Orange Money “accounts . Millions of Madagascans who were excluded from the banking system were able to deposit, withdraw, transfer and pay simply from their mobile phone thanks to the mobile […]

  • 15th seminar of the FRATEL network: Innovations and connectivity at the center of the debates

    Date : à 4:22 pm

    “Madagascar hosted the 15th seminar of the FRATEL network (Regulators of Telecommunications and ICT Francophones) .This great meeting was held on April 25th and 26th at the Ivato International Conference Center, organized by the ARTCI (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority). -TIC of Côte d’Ivoire), FRATEL President 2018 and ARTEC (Regulatory Authority of Communication Technologies of Madagascar), this […]

  • Orange and the Directorate General of Taxes launch Hetra Phone: declaration and payment of synthetic tax via Orange Money

    Date : à 4:15 pm

    “Now, thanks to an innovative partnership between the General Tax Directorate and Orange, the payment of the synthetic tax (IS) with the Orange Money solution is a reality with” Hetra Phone. “The service is, at first, available at two pilot sites: the 3rd District Tax Center in Faravohitra and the Alasora Tax Center. Transactions on […]

  • Internet connection: Official launch of Orange 4G for Toliary and Ihosy

    Date : à 4:10 pm

    “Digital development is progressing fast: Two ceremonies were organized on April 27 in the south, for the launch of Orange Madagascar’s 4G network in Toliary and Ihosy, a launch in great pomp, chaired by the CEO of Orange Madagascar, Michel Degland, honored by the presence of Neypatraiky André Rakotomamonjy, Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital […]

  • Angosat-1 satellite considered lost, Angola is already working on Angosat-2

    Date : à 4:07 pm

    “(Agence Ecofin) – Jose Carvalho Da Rocha (photo), Angolan Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, revealed that the government has accepted the offer of Roscosmos, the public agency responsible for the Russian civil space program , to build its new telecom satellite called Angosat-2. In an interview with Jornal de Angola, the minister who admitted […]

  • South Africa will launch its second nano-satellite in space in July 2018

    Date : à 3:58 pm

    “The Republic of South Africa is preparing the space launch of a second nano-satellite. This is the Zacube-2, weighing four kilograms and developed by the University of Technology of the Cape Peninsula (CPUT) in cooperation with the Franco-South African Institute of Technology (F’SATI). The equipment is to be sent into orbit in July 2018 from […]

  • CELTEL Niger (Airtel) wins the first 4G Mobile License in Niger

    Date : à 3:51 pm

    “(Agence Ecofin) – The Nigerian government has granted the first 4G Mobile License to Celtel Niger S.A, the subsidiary of India’s Bharti operating under the Airtel Niger brand. The decision was taken Monday during a special Council of Ministers. The draft decree adopted grants this License to Celtel Niger “for the establishment and operation of […]

  • Tata Communications Deploys Cloud-Based Virtual Mobile Network in Africa

    Date : à 3:46 pm

    “(Ecofin Agency) – India’s telecom solutions and services provider, Tata Communications, has partnered with South Africa’s Dreamtime Technologies (Pty) Ltd. (DTTech) to deploy a cloud-based virtual mobile network across Africa. According to Tata Communications, this infrastructure is the foundation for the next generation of mobile services and the Internet of Things (IoT), in sectors such […]

  • Mobile payment: Airtel offers an automated and instant payment to Parabola subscribers

    Date : à 3:39 pm

    “Thanks to its continuous innovation initiative, Airtel Madagascar provides mobile payment solutions that make life easier for Parabole Madagascar subscribers. At the beginning of April, Airtel Madagascar carried out a series of technical overhauls to offer its customers a service available at all times. Free. A completely free service that allows users to Airtel Money […]

  • MEN-Telma Foundation: Construction of cyclone-resistant schools

    Date : à 3:13 pm

    “As part of the implementation of the” Sekoly Telma “project, the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Telma Foundation is planning the reconstruction of 15 schools that have been damaged by the cyclone ENAWO, more specifically in the It is worth noting that the signing of a partnership agreement between the Telma Foundation and […]

  • Telecom: Xavier Niel, Yerim Sow and Hassanein Hiridjee buy Tigo Senegal

    Date : à 3:04 pm

    The Senegalese head of state signed on April 16 the decree approving the sale of Tigo Senegal to Saga Africa Holdings Limited, a consortium between companies controlled by Yerim Sow, Xavier Niel and Hassanein Hiridjee. end a nearly one-year legal and commercial battle between Millicom and Wari. It was one of the most anticipated initials […]

  • China leads in world race at 5G

    Date : à 3:01 pm

    “China is leading the way for the deployment of 5G, the ultra-fast mobile internet, ahead of South Korea and the United States, according to a study released Monday. These three countries, as well as Japan, are among the most committed to the deployment of this technology, according to this survey firm Analysys Mason, which examined […]

  • Senegal: ARTP ends monopoly of telecom operators over USSD codes

    Date : à 2:59 pm

    ” (Agence Ecofin) – On April 10, 2018, the Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority (Artp) of Senegal made the liberalization of access to USSD codes (unstructured supplementary service data) available to all service providers value-added telecoms. The codes, which are real-time control messages sent to the network in the form # XXX #, were hitherto […]

  • Uganda: Government wants to tax Mobile Money users

    Date : à 2:55 pm

    ” (Ecofin Agency) – Under the new 2018/2019 Finance Law, currently under consideration in parliament, the Government of the Republic of Uganda proposes to include a tax on mobile money transactions . The tax, set at 1% of the transaction amount, is expected to come into effect on July 1, 2018, if validated by MPs. […]

  • GSMA Initiates Certification Program to Verify the Integrity of Mobile Money Service Providers

    Date : à 2:53 pm

    ” (Agence Ecofin) – During the “Mobile 360 ​​Series – West Africa” ​​held in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, from 11 to 12 April 2018, the World Association of Mobile Operators (GSMA) launched a certification program for Mobile Money service providers. This certification is based on an independent assessment of a mobile money provider’s ability to provide […]

  • Event: Telma official sponsor of the Mining and Oil Exhibition

    Date : à 2:50 pm

    “Committed to the development of the country in general, Telma misses no opportunity to demonstrate its involvement in the economic recovery process The leader in mobile telephony, Internet and mobile money transfer proved it again by actively participating in the Mining, Oil and Equipment Exhibition, which started yesterday at the Mining Business Center. Ivato. Commitment. […]

  • Electrification project of the village of Sandrakatsy

    Date : à 2:45 pm

    TOM and its partners have electrified the village of Sandrakatsy, located in the eastern region of Madagascar. For this, they proceeded to the extension of the electrical installations of the site of TOM, that, later, fired to the village.

  • Kenya: fusion between Telkom and Airtel Group subsidiary rumors against Safaricom

    Date : à 2:41 pm

    In Kenya, rumors of a fusion between telecommunications operator Telkom Kenya Ltd and the local subsidiary of the Indian group Barthi Airtel were reported by Reuters, citing unnamed sources who requested anonymity. The goal of the maneuver would be to give an answer to the super-domination of Safaricom, whose first shareholder is now South African […]

  • Partnership: Airtel supports Tatatata Production

    Date : à 2:30 pm

    Airtel Madagascar has formalized its collaboration with Tatatata Production in the production and production of the film” Melok’Ialahy. “The operator supports the production company for the promotion of this new opus of Tsarafara Rakotoson aka Rajao, in all Madagascar At the launch press conference, the partners presented the schedule of the screenings, the first broadcast […]

  • Madagascar: IMF expects economic growth to accelerate to 5% in 2018

    Date : à 2:25 pm

    Estimated at 4.2% in 2017, Madagascar’s economic growth should accelerate to 5% in 2018. This is one of the main conclusions of the mission carried out from 14 to 28 March 2018 by an IMF team to lead discussions on the third review of Madagascar’s economic reform program supported by a three-year agreement under the […]

  • Airtel Madagascar: A new shop in Besarety

    Date : à 2:21 pm

    Faithful to its policy of proximity, Airtel Madagascar multiplies the opening of new shop in different corners of the Capital and the provinces. A new Airtel Shop has just opened in the Besarety neighborhood. The official inauguration took place last Friday in the presence of an Airtel delegation led by Dina Mallet, Director of Sales […]

  • Digital holidays: Popularization of ICTs in several cities

    Date : à 2:18 pm

    Free internet connection, introduction to computers, various activities … these are the activities organized as part of the” Digital Holidays Easter Edition 2018. “The event organized on March 30 and 31 was held in several cities in Madagascar, for example Antananarivo, Antsirabe, Fianarantsoa, ​​Mahajanga, Toamasina and Vatomandry “These activities were organized by the MPTDN (Ministry […]

  • Paypal wants to expand its market in Africa by partnering with additional Mobile Money operators

    Date : à 2:15 pm

    The American online payment company, Paypal, is determined to gain more market share in Africa, and has set up to join forces with new Mobile Money operators to offer its services to their customers. subscribers and stimulate the adoption of its payment service by facilitating online purchases. According to Efi Dahan (pictured), Paypal’s general manager […]

  • Orange plans to launch its bank in Africa, by the end of 2018

    Date : à 2:11 pm

    Le groupe télécoms français Orange a prévu de lancer sa banque en ligne, Orange Bank, en Afrique, au cours de cette année. Ces services bancaires seront une évolution du Mobile Money que l’entreprise propose sur le continent depuis 2008. Il ne s’agira pas d’offrir des services bancaires du même niveau que les institutions financières, mais […]

  • Partnership: Airtel Money services available in ACEP agencies

    Date : à 2:08 pm

    “Mobile money is a tool that facilitates transactions and helps to develop financial inclusion. The clients of Airtel Money and the Private Enterprise Credit Agency (ACEP) will benefit from a service that will enable them to facilitate their transactions. The two entities have signed a partnership which consists in making available to the 16 ACEP […]

  • Telecoms: inauguration of an Egyptian-Chinese optical fiber factory

    Date : à 2:03 pm

    The Egyptian authorities inaugurated a new fiber optic plant in Cairo Governorate on Tuesday, March 6. Opened by Egypt’s HitekNofal Solutions and the Chinese Hengtong Group, it required a $ 30 million investment and will export to African markets from mid-2019. No more shipping and customs clearance costs for telecom equipment equipment imports into Egypt. […]

  • 4G networks are riddled with security vulnerabilities

    Date : à 12:26 pm

    Interception of messages, usurpation of the position, denials of service, creation of false messages … Security researchers have just found a dozen new cyber attacks rather disturbing and relatively inexpensive to achieve. With the arrival of 4G, we thought that the security problems that 3G was suffering from were going to be solved. Unfortunately, we […]

  • Benin officially entered the free-roaming zone of West Africa on 1st March, 2018

    Date : à 12:19 pm

    Since 1 March 2018, Beninese have been able to communicate cheaply to several West African countries.The country has officially entered the” free roaming “zone of Africa. West, composed of Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone and Togo, and Beninese on the move will benefit from a cap on free incoming calls. 300 […]

  • The African Telecoms Union urges operators to improve network coverage in rural areas

    Date : à 12:05 pm

    “(Agence Ecofin) – Abdoulkarim Soumaila (photo), the Secretary General of the African Telecommunications Union (UAT), calls on telecom operators present on the continent to improve their network coverage in rural areas. It urges the various private telecom players to adopt innovative technologies to solve this problem, which still hampers the socio-economic development of millions of […]

  • BESELY, the 1000th site of TOM

    Date : 13 Mar 2018 à 4:16 pm

    TOM, the towerco Malagasy strengthens its leadership position by crossing the bar of 100O sites. The latter has been named BESELY because he sits in the Boeny, Mahajnaga II – Belomaka Besely regions. The site has a 40m tall pylon powered by solar panels and a generator.

  • GLOMO Winners 2018

    Date : 05 Mar 2018 à 4:23 pm

    GLOMO Winners 2018 Mobile Tech Best Mobile Network Infrastructure Huawei for Huawei 5G Ready Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Radio Family The judges said – “An impressive step forward for this vendor. It takes the single RAN concept into the 5G era bringing significant capex and opex savings to its mobile operator partners.” … Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough JOINT […]

  • The 22 member states of the Smart Africa Alliance have finalized several projects that will improve the continent’s access to ICTs and telecoms

    Date : 15 Feb 2018 à 4:05 pm

    During the meeting of the 9th steering committee of the Smart Africa Alliance, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 08 to 09 February 2018, the 22 Member States have which they will plan during this year, with the aim of accelerating the digital opening up of the continent and improving people’s access to ICT and […]

  • The mobile network of the future tested during the Olympic Games

    Date : à 3:56 pm

    A program between research centers, universities and companies in Europe and South Korea, the 5G Champion, will test in a few days the first real-life experience of 5G. It will take place on a street near the Olympic Village. In South Korea, 5G testers wearing a virtual reality headset will be able to meet live […]

  • South Africa: Telkom successfully experiments with MIMO technology and gets closer to 5G

    Date : 09 Feb 2018 à 3:42 pm

    Telkom, a South African telecommunications operator, has successfully tested MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) technology. It is a multiplexing technique used in wireless networks and mobile networks, allowing longer-range and higher-speed data transfers than older Wi-Fi networks or GSM standard networks. . The experiment that was conducted in partnership with the technology company Huawei, was based on […]

  • CONGO – Mobile telephony: Azur loses 50% of its customers in late 2017

    Date : 07 Feb 2018 à 3:23 pm

    With a market of more than 5.05 million subscribers on the three networks installed in Congo, the company is satisfied with about 163 000 subscribers only in the last quarter of 2017, reports” the Observatory of the markets of the 4th quarter mobile telephony published by the ARCEP. The company Ecuador Télécom Congo, which operates […]

  • Madagascar: Telecoms Minister Announces Enhanced Control of ICT Sector

    Date : 06 Feb 2018 à 11:07 am

    The Ministry of Posts, Telecoms and Digital Development has decided to pay more attention to the information and communication technology sector. The goal is to clean it up in order to avoid endangering both the security of populations and that of the nation. According to Neypatraiky Rakotomamonjy (photo), whose remarks are reported by midi-madagasikara, the […]

  • Yahsat launched Al Yah 3, their third telecom satellite through which the company wants to strengthen their presence in Africa

    Date : 31 Jan 2018 à 4:40 pm

    Satellite Internet connectivity provider Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat) launched a new satellite in space on January 25, 2018, to strengthen its presence in Africa. The equipment dubbed Al Yah 3 will extend the commercial coverage of the Ka band Yahsat to 19 new African markets, reaching a coverage of 60% of the population […]

  • Kenya will launch, next March, their first satellite released locally

    Date : à 4:21 pm

    Kenya is poised to become one of the  pioneers in satellite of the continent by  orbiting the 1KUNS-PF. The country is making the final adjustments for the launch in March of its first space observation ground equipment, manufactured by engineers from the University of Nairobi. It is a nano-satellite whose realization has received financial support […]

  • Benin: Telecom regulator reassigns all Glo Mobile subscribers to Etisalat

    Date : à 3:48 pm

    In a decision signed on January 17, 2018, the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts (ARCEP) of Benin reassigned to the mobile operator Etisalat, all subscribers of its former competitor Glo Mobile. These are all numbers beginning with the prefix 68, 98, and 99.

  • Benin: ARCEP ends Glo Mobile’s telecom activities

    Date : à 3:25 pm

    Benin’s Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts (ARCEP) has terminated the activities of mobile phone operator Glo Mobile, a subsidiary of the Nigerian telecoms group Globacom.

  • Infrastructures – Optical cable projects start this year

    Date : à 3:14 pm

    Madagascar operators are investing in two projects optic submarine cables. Given the schedules, construction will start this year. The telecommunications sector is evolving. In terms of infrastructure, two submarine optical cable projects are prowling on Malagasy coasts. Countries operators actively participate as Telma and Orange, in the investments of these projects. This is the case, […]

  • Jovena: Two new 76 MW thermal power stations planted

    Date : 30 Jan 2018 à 3:26 pm

    President Rajaonarimampianina inaugurated the two new Jovena heavy fuel thermal power stations. A successful diversification of activities for Jovena. Since the company entered the energy sector, the achievements have followed one another. The interconnected network of Antananarivo now has an additional power of 76 MW. Jovena, a subsidiary of the Axian group, has just inaugurated […]

  • Volobe hydropower plant: A major project of 300 millions euros from 2019

    Date : à 3:11 pm

    The energy transition is on. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the costs of supplying electricity to JIRAMA and end consumers. The Volobe hydropower project is one of the investment pledges announced by the Axian group at the December 2016 Donors and Investors Conference in Paris. Decisive. The project is moving forward with the recent […]

  • Digital Development: A Positive Assessment According to the Ministry of Supervision

    Date : 12 Jan 2018 à 5:26 pm

    Telecommunications and digital are among the best performing sectors in 2017. Reducing digital divides, improving the quality of Internet and telephony services, promoting digital technologies at school and university level, etc. . so many achievements were mentioned by Neypatraiky André Rakotomamonjy, Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital Development, who thanked the staff of his department […]

  • China will offer two satellites to Nigeria for stake in Nigcomsat

    Date : à 5:07 pm

    The Exim Bank of China and the China Great Wall constructor pledge to fully finance the acquisition of two telecommunications satellites for the benefit of Nigeria, announced Wednesday the Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu. Under the new agreement, which exempts Nigeria from covering 15% of the original $ 550 million contract cost, China will take […]

  • Energy – Orange invests in rural electrification

    Date : à 4:41 pm

    Orange, energy supplier? It sounds a little weird, but it will soon be a reality. The telecom operator will deploy its know-how in a rural electrification program, starting in 2018. This is a way for the operator to contribute to the development of Madagascar, with the deployment of solar kits to the inhabitants of remote […]

  • Technology – The promotion of digital becomes unavoidable

    Date : 08 Jan 2018 à 3:30 pm

    The concept of “digital for all” advocated by the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital Development (MPTDN) is becoming unavoidable. It is from this observation that GOTICOM and PROCOM conducted the restitution session at the CCIA. This session summarized the activities carried out by the partnership between the program and the grouping when the two […]

  • How 5G will upset our uses

    Date : 06 Nov 2017 à 2:17 am

    “Transport, health, telecommuting, video games, fixed Internet access, multiple domains will benefit from the future standard of mobile telephony. 4G has pushed us into the mobile Internet era by offering us a speed similar to ADSL on our smartphones. With the 5G, planned for 2020, we will further multiply the speed of data transmission by […]

  • Afrique du Sud : Comsol envisage de lancer un réseau 5G expérimental ce mois

    Date : 03 Nov 2017 à 7:22 am

    “(Agence Ecofin) – La société télécoms Comsol  envisage de lancer un réseau 5G expérimental au cours de ce mois. Basée à Midrand, à Johannesburg, l’entreprise mènera ce test en partenariat avec divers fournisseurs de service Internet. C’est le quartier de Gauteng qui servira de cadre à cette expérience, indique le site d’information techcentral.co.za. L’expérimentation portera […]

  • Une équipe de physiciens teste avec succès le transfert de données à très haut débit en zone urbaine par la lumière

    Date : 31 Oct 2017 à 7:58 am

    “(Agence Ecofin) – La lumière sera peut-être la technologie qui remplacera la fibre optique dans le transfert de données à très haute vitesse. Bien que l’idée d’utiliser de la lumière (Li-Fi), en intérieur, pour acheminer des données ne soit pas nouvelle, l’innovation d’une équipe de physiciens européens basés au Royaume-Uni, en Allemagne, en Nouvelle-Zélande et […]

  • The 4G network of Orange Madagascar is now at Mahajanga

    Date : 25 Oct 2017 à 9:50 am

    The 4G of Orange Madagascar is now at Mahajanga The city of Mahajanga is currently setting the time for very high speed connection. She is currently connected to Orange Madagascar’s 4G technology. For the telecom operator, this installation reflects its desire to provide the best mobile technology for the Big Island. Thus, businesses, students and […]

  • Angola: The first national satellite, AngoSat-1, will finally be in orbit in December 2017

    Date : 17 Oct 2017 à 10:01 am

    “(Ecofin Agency) – In an interview with Xinhua last week, Manuel Homem, the director general of the National Institute for the Promotion of the Information Society in Angola (INPSIA), said that AngoSat-1 will go into orbit in December 2017. Last February, José Carvalho da Rocha, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, announced it for the […]

  • The 4G of Orange Madagascar available at An­tsirabe

    Date : 27 Sep 2017 à 4:44 pm

    Orange Madagascar continues the expansion of its mobile broadband network. The city of Antsirabe has been connected to the 4G network of the telecom operator. The arrival of 4G is great news to promote innovative uses. It is also a unique opportunity for companies, whether small, medium or large, to be present internationally. Antananarivo, Toamasina, […]


    Date : 14 Sep 2017 à 12:06 pm

    The smart meters of the JIRAMA that were announced in March and planned to be deployed in May have finally arrived in the Big Island. The company’s sales manager announced that they will finally proceed to the installation of these new generation meters. It is the customers who have a consumption more than 900kw / […]

  • The 4G Orange network available in Antsiranana

    Date : 07 Sep 2017 à 10:34 am

    On 18 August 2017, Orange Madagascar officially launched the 4G network in Antsiranana. Antsiranana is therefore the second city in the DIANA region to benefit from this network, after Nosy Be. It is a real opportunity for the city because it opens up a new world to them, that of broadband, which is 5 to […]

  • African countries rank according to their mobile connectivity, according to the GSMA

    Date : 09 Aug 2017 à 12:26 pm

    The global association of telecom operators (GSMA) has just published its ranking of African countries according to their ability to connect their cities to the mobile internet. Our neighbor, Mauritius, is in the first position in Africa, against 76th position at the world level, South Africa is 2nd in Africa but 84th in the world. […]

  • Rural Electrification Project

    Date : 27 Mar 2017 à 11:09 pm

    Right now, only 4% of the rural Malagasy people have access to electricity.  The Government of Madagascar is now launching an initiative to ensure that 70% of the Malagasy people have access to electricity by 2017. As to contribution to rural development, TOM and its partners launch a pilot project in Andovoranto, namely extending the […]

  • Convention between TOM and the National Gendarmerie

    Date : à 11:07 pm

    So as to fully contribute to the country’s economic development and more particularly to Information and Communication Technologies, TOM has signed a partnership with the Malagasy National Gendarmerie on January 28, 2016, which will seal the operational agreements for the sites of Ambatondrazaka and Diego Suarez. In April 2016, an agreement was signed for an […]

  • 2016: TOM got the INDUSTRY AWARDS

    Date : à 11:06 pm

    Nominated in the ‘Green initiative of the Year’ category at TowerCo’s TowerXchange Industry Fair held in Johannesburg in October 2016, TOM was rewarded and ‘Highly Recommended’ for its project at Anjazafotsy, an innovative technology solution combining wind and solar power, with significantly reduced carbon footprint for the environment.

  • A new General Manager for Orange Madagascar

    Date : 11 Oct 2016 à 12:57 pm

    The Orange Madagascar Board of Directors appointed Michel Degland as Chief Executive Officer. He is a telecom engineer and media specialist. A new head at Orange Madagascar. In a statement sent to the press, the telecom operator announces the appointment of Michel Degland to the post of general manager. Prior to this appointment, the telecom […]

  • Launch of JIRO KANTO

    Date : à 12:49 pm

    Herilanto Raveloarison, Minister of Energy and Hydrocarbons, announced the launch of Jiro Kanto, for this October 26th. Jiro Kanto is an electrification project for more than 170,000 people. The official launch will be on October 26, during the celebration of World Energy Day. These projects will be established in the Alaotra Mangoro region, specifically in […]

  • Algeria: Telecom operators gets green light to launch 4G

    Date : 03 Oct 2016 à 2:24 pm

    “(Ecofin Agency) – In Algeria, telecom operators Mobilis, Djezzy and Ooredoo can from now market 4G services on mobile. On September 25, 2016, the government published to this end a decree “approving the licence for the establishment and operation of fourth generation (4G) public telecom network on mobile”. Each operator will have two types of […]

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