TOM Leader of Tower Companies in Madagascar

Towerco Of Madagascar S.A., better known as TOM, is a Malagasy company whose headquarters are located in the capital, at Galaxy Andraharo. TOM, it’s more than 100 employees, men and women with a passion for Telecommunications.

Our activities started in 2011 by acquiring a pool owned by TELMA, which we quickly exploited. Strong demand from telecoms operators pushed us to build and inaugurate our first own infrastructure at their request in March 2012. In 2013, the construction of new sites continued with more than a hundred sites made available to our clients. This strong growth and this momentum went on through 2014, with more than a hundred new sites. That same year, at the head of a partnership, we won the bid for building new sites called “PICOM project (Telecommunications Infrastructure Project for Madagascar) “, for a World Bank-funded international tender. All these sites are up and running across the western and southern parts of Madagascar.

In 2015, we invested in over a hundred new sites. Some of them are located in urban areas and others in rural areas, enabling operators to provide the population with better coverage. That same year, we took on the management, operation and marketing in “Managed services” of over 400 new towers belonging to one of the largest telephone companies of the Big Island. By the end of 2015, TOM had a fleet of over 800 sites covering all of Madagascar.

The year 2016 enabled us to complete our deployment projects, which was a satisfaction for our customers, as well as the MOBILE STATIONS made available for temporary facilities.

For 2017, and still in the context of improving our services, we managed to stay atop new technologies by automating our monthly billings, identifying our new projects such as the Rural Electrification Project and the Partnership with new companies like WindIt. This year will allow us to achieve our goal of more than 1,000 sites, even as our new deployment projects are rolling out.

In 2018, in the seventh year of operation, the 1,000th site has been exceeded and we are in full swing to reach the goal of 1,150 sites by the end of the year. The year was marked by the acquisition of the 400 sites that we have managed in “Managed services” since 2015. This investment allows us to fully exploit the sites and strengthens our position as an essential Towercompany in Madagascar.

Active company of the AXIAN group, we have the advantage of benefiting from the expertise of the other companies of the world-renowned group. In particular the 1,400 hours of training for 75 employees within the AXIAN Training Center.

Building on the success of previous years, we are continuing to roll out our sites to achieve the ambitious target of 1,300 sites by the end of 2019 compared to 1,150 sites at the start of the year.

The setting up of mobile sites during the significant visit of Pope Francis to Antananarivo demonstrates our ability to offer solutions adapted to all situations.

The year 2020 is promising in terms of maintaining the pace of deployment of new sites as well as supporting operators in the technological renovation of their networks. As a goal, we have set 1,450 sites. A particular effort is dedicated to strengthening the social and environmental impact of our activities.

More than 130 sites were created in 2021, allowing us to reach the bar of 1,500 sites marketed. The 1500th site is located in Antsahalava, a village in the Vakinankaratra region. An inauguration ceremony was organized to mark this momentous event. At the end of 2021, we have 1,550 sites available for our customers.

As part of the innovation of our infrastructures, different types of camouflaged infrastructure are planned. A tree tower has been installed in the city of Antananarivo in order to reduce its visual impact.

A particular effort has been devoted to strengthening the social and environmental impact of our activities. Moreover, a dedicated team has been set up to ensure compliance with Hygiene, Health, Safety, Environment and Social standards.

This year 2022, we have an ambition to build more than 170 sites to exceed 1700 sites by the end of the year. A new site model, with reduced infrastructure and energy power, has been developed to adapt our services to needs. To make our innovation projects a reality, different types of camouflaged infrastructure are to be installed this year, mainly in urban areas.

On the other hand, we are aiming for more roommates on our sites with the renewal of our commercial offers offered to customers.

To better manage our data and improve productivity, a project to acquire new software appropriate to the Towercompany has been launched.

On the social and environmental impact side, we are launching the project to use Jatropha oil as biofuel to supply our sites in the southern region of Madagascar.



On-demand construction

We assist the operator on all stages of the construction of a specific site.
We provide site analysis, land survey, environmental assessment, geo-technical analysis and marketing, construction and installation of equipment.


We provide our customers and partners with selling space and services on a tower. The collocation offer matches the Ministry of Telecommunications’ strong will to share a maximum of infrastructure among operators.

Sell lease back

We buy the towers of a network operator. This reduces the operator’s CAPEX and increases its network coverage at a lower cost.
They can rely on a quality service. We thus propose new sites that we make available to other customers on a shared model.


We manage all of our sites through our Network Operating Center. Our commitment is to provide a premium service and maintain energy on our website 24/7.

Managed services

We offer a full range of services to manage a site. We adapt to the specific needs of our customers. We monitor and manage fuel and energy use. We optimize the sharing of infrastructure with other customers in order to reduce operating costs and capital expenditures.

Customer Service

We are in charge of measuring our customers’ satisfaction and taking the appropriate measures to ensure a better quality of service.
In close collaboration with all divisions, customer service implements close follow-up of clients on all cases, namely complaints or requests about offers, invoicing, information on our sites and the collection of our receivables.




  • Setting up Telecom infrastructure, towers, shelters …
  • Setting up infrastructure for Radio and Television stations
  • Energy supply and management on isolated sites
  • Remote supervision and management of sites
  • Civil and electrical engineering, audit and survey


  • Managed Service, Maintenance and Operations
  • Construction and installation of Telecom site
  • Energy and renewable energies
  • Installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Fixed Networks and Optical Networks

Sagemcom Madagascar

  • Design and implementation of Telecom stations
  • Solutions for rural electrification and isolated sites
  • Design and Engineering
  • Management solutions offers
  • Audits and Maintenance

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