Deployment Solutions

TOM has acquired incomparable experience in the management of telecommunications infrastructure in Madagascar. TOM is the number one choice of Telecommunications Operators. This is our main mission and we strive to carry it out. Whether you choose infrastructure pooling or build-to-order, you will be supported by Telecom professionals who are certified and trained.


  • Construction of new infrastructures “Built to suit” » available for co-localization operators with attractive pricing plan for the «first time buyer» as the following.

  • Telecommunication equipments hosting (on existing towers or to be built) with attractive pricing plan for the «first time buyer «as the following.

  • Antenna sharing solutions between operators.

  • Infrastructures maintenance. TOM team intervention 24/7.

  • Offers “All included» in shared accommodation service contracts (Engineering, security, supervision / monitoring, energy, maintenance …).

  • Purchase of existing infrastructure with rehabilitation and adaptation to the pooling.

  • Attractive price offer. Simplicity of the rates offered as a flat rate, including the supply of infrastructure accommodation and energy consumption.

  • TOM quality guarantee and commitment with our energy security program for our sites.

  • Leasing of Mobile Station for the temporary or anticipated needs of our customers.

Your advantages

  • Outsourcing site operations management (maintenance, logistics, supervision, refueling, guarding, operating risk management, etc.)

  • NOC (Network operating Center): monitoring by TOM in real time and permanently of the state of the infrastructures and the level of energy.

  • Improved revenue: Guaranteed availability of RAN sites

  • Extension of coverage with establishment in “white zones” where the sharing of infrastructures between operators supports investment. (& improved relay opportunities/transmission concentrations)

  • A one-stop shop for infrastructure, energy and related services.

  • Refocusing on the core business of operators



Mobile station

  • Easy to deploy, quick install and uninstall
  • Ideal for radio coverage, for a defined project (temporary solution from 6 to 24 months)
  • Tower height up to 30 m

Indoor and outdoor SAR

  • Improvement of 2G, 3G and 4G radio coverage indoors.
  • Multiplication of Broadband capacity for “indoor” coverage.
  • Discrete and shared installation

Passive infrastructure sharing

  • Pooling of infrastructures between operators (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G)
  • Pylon load optimization
  • Reduced visual impact of facilities

Energy security

  • Guaranteed 100% site availability
  • Addition of a Generator or an Anti-shedding Kit
  • Efficient for maximum site profitability


  • 2G/4G site with optimized infrastructure and energy
  • Cost effective solution for low income rural area

TOM : The best partner to manage all the aspects of the management of your site